Welcome to the Spaghettitiger Wiki!

Hello and welcome to the Spaghettitiger Wiki!

Here are a few guidelines you should know...

We’ve had incidents in the past concerning new people, so please be aware of the fact that if you decide to be creepy or act in a generally harassing manner, we might assume the worst.

Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated. We want the community to feel safe here, and we will protect our users to the best of our ability. We hope that this encourages all of you to band together and stomp out nasty behavior and negativity. If there's a problem, you can rely on us. We're in this together!

Any vandalism is an immediate ban. We all know what vandalism is; it's quite easy to tell the difference between vandalism and edits made in good faith, even if the edits display incorrect information. For those who even think about vandalizing, consider this your one and only warning.

Images are constantly maintained, and any ideologically sensitive, gory, or other such inappropriate images will be removed as quickly as possible. Uploading such images is a punishable offense, the severity of which will vary depending on the nature and amount of content uploaded.

Lastly, please do not ask for a position of power. Such things are earned and will only be implemented as needed. We keep an eye on the activity and we will know when someone's an outstanding contributor and friend to the community, and who is rude and negative towards the community. Remember, Actions speak louder than words.

Thank you for visiting the wiki, and have fun! Be yourself!