>Be me, Ghast woman in the Nether
>7/10 by Ghast Standards. Curvy build, no wrinkles, wears Nether Quartz-themed bikini due to how fucking hot it is down here, white hair tentacles constantly squirming unless relaxing or asleep, almost 20 blocks tall
>About 5000 Years old, looks 25 in Human Years
>Wakes up
>Floats out of little netherrack cave to tend to Nether warts
>Tends to Nether Warts
>Goes out to take a relaxing Lava Bath
>Goes to favorite spot
>Lays down in the lava and relaxes
>15 minutes later, am still laying in the molten oceans of the Nether
>Goes to fall asleep
>Something bumps into the top of my head
>Opens eye to see what it is. It's a hoomin
>Hoomin looks scared. Decked out in some sort of Obsidian Armor with tools n shit.
>Sits up and faces him out of curiosity, causing bikini to snap off and incinerate in the lava
>He sees the tiddy, yells "DAYYYYUUUM GRIL U FIIINE" like he's some sort of pimp daddy named Garbanzo Liam
>Eyes light ablaze
>Grabs him with tentacle hair, which is squirming furiously
>Rips him in half over head with ease
>Steals all his shit
>He had some good-ass loot: some Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, a fuckton of iron, his armor, a workbench, and a primitive furnace.
>Smiles and destroys his shitty dirt bridge before putting all of his stuff in a small carrier sack
>Goes back to relaxing, falling asleep shortly after

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