What if the Mobs and Villagers in Minecraft got a more... anime look?

This is the basic premise of The Mob Talker Mod, a graphic novel-esque mod that lets you talk to mobs through an item called a Mob Talker.

There are the basic mobs, ie Creepers, Endermen, Zombies, etc. though there are also Villagers though they aren't included in the mod as far as I know.

I'm telling you about this mod because I have an idea, where Mobs, Villagers, and Minecrafters alike live and work together.

This blog post is mostly going to list the different roles that each mob has in Minecraft Society. These will include:

  • The Mobs included in the Mod
  • Witches, Illagers, Endermites, Wither Skeletons, and other mobs not included in the mod, regardless of Dimension of Origin or Biome of Origin
  • Myths/Deities, ie. Herobrine, Entity_303, Null, Notch, Jeb, etc.
  • Bosses, ie. The Ender Dragon and Wither.
  • Villagers, despite their roles already being established
  • Wolves, Cats, Bats, and Squids

I will not include:

  • Livestock, ie. Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Rabbits, etc.

Mob Roles

Included Mobs

Note: Have to actually think of roles

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