Wander The Shipper

aka Tree

  • I live in in a trash can
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is student/person on the internet
  • I am trash for JD
  • Wander The Shipper

    So, these are the characters in my upcoming fanfiction of a youtube Danganronpa. WARNING, this does have child death in it, but they will behave like adults (im including keemstar this is kinda already nonsensical)

    Chase ??? - SYL Mastermind

    Alexis ??? - SYL Skylander Girl

    Micheal ??? - SYL Skylander Boy

    ??? 'Duddy' ??? - SYL Dad

    Mishovy Silenosti - SYL Singer

    Mark 'Markiplier' Fischbach - SYL Commentator

    Sean 'Jackscepticeye' McLoughlin - SYL Gamer

    Keemstar - SYL News Reporter

    Olda 'Metadon' Florian - SYL Guitarist

    Poppy - SYL Celebrity

    Nathan Sharp - SYL Songwriter

    Calvin 'Leafy' Vail - SYL 'Cyberbully'

    Jonathan 'Jontron' Jafari - SYL Comedian

    Thomas Sanders - SYL Actor

    Yousef 'Fouseytube' Erakat - SYL Social Experimenter

    Doug 'Nostalgia Critic' Walker …

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  • Wander The Shipper


    October 3, 2015 by Wander The Shipper


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  • Wander The Shipper

    Very important news (sorta)! After I complete Ace Attorney Justice for All Case 3, I will start making a Gold and Silver replica (not adventure) map for Minecraft titled 'The Johto Project'. And before you ask, yes it will include Kanto in it and the gyms. You can go into each building as normal so it will technically be a full replica. Once it is completed I will make another blog with a link to it so you can download it. I will try my best but I've never made a replica like this in my life so expect crap when it comes to the larger cities (ie: Goldenrod) and terraforming. It will be done in Superflat (water setting) and I will do this entirely by hand (no fill command, no building plugins, just manpower).

    - Tree

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