This is just like CinemaSins, so NO guys, I didn't make this up. (It's not like me to steal credit, check out CinemaSins)

How can Frisk, or anyone for that matter, survive a several-mile fall?! (It's a MOUNTAIN!) Frisk must be nothing but a SOUL now! *ding*

Speaking of which, how did Frisk fall in there in the first place? Shouldn't mountains HAVE no holes to fall in? Is it a volcano? If it's a volcano, where is the magma? *ding*

How does Flowey talk? Flowey already had the will to live before he got the injection of determination, as PLANTS ARE LIVING THINGS. *ding*

Why would ANYONE call a year "201X"? (The calendar in Toriel's house actually SAYS 201X) *ding*

How do the flags in BALL even work? There's no logical way flr the hole to be able to take out several flags in the same place, let alone know what you did to put up the correct flag! *ding*

How does SAVING even work? Flowey mentions SAVING, so it's actually CANON, instead of just savestates on an emulator. So why doesn't the timer go up by several hours when you take a nap at Toriel's? That IS time! *ding*

How can Flowey change the name of the game when he has the most determination, and not Frisk back when HE had the power to save? It makes no sense whatsoever! *ding*

Alright, I'm convinced Frisk is a SOUL. He BECOMES one when a battle starts! (Look closely at the battle start) But if Frisk is a SOUL, why does Flowey call it "YOUR" soul? Shouldn't she have known? *ding*

The blue and orange attacks make no sense. How can an attack pass right through you ONLY if you are moving, or ONLY if you aren't? Truly, there doesn't seem to be a scientific explanation of this. *ding*

When YOU save, why is CHARA's name shown in the save file? *ding*

If Sans knew what EXP and LOVE were, why didnt he just tell Frisk back at the Snowdale Forest? *ding*

When you take the river from Hotland to Snowdale, you're moving west. Not bad, right? Well, when you take the river from Snowdale back to Hotland, you're still moving west. Shouldn't it be east since you're going the other way? *ding*

How can Flowey use multiple saves as Omega Flowey, while you can only use one? *ding*

Sin Tally:13

Sentence-ASGORE. (You're screwed.)

(Time for the post-sentence humourous scene!)

Asgore:I just need one more dragonball spirit, so I can wish the world to me!

Frisk:No, you're not getting all 7! KAHAMEHA!!! *hits the very center in the atack, destroying Asgore*

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