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were TEM discoverz HISTOri of TEM!

Chapter 1 : The Beginning.

Long, long, LONG ago there lived 3 races, Humans, Monsters, and Scythops.

The Scythops were the Gods of both races, allowing war between, peace time periods, etc.

But one day, the Scythops were worrying. The humans and monsters were fighting over every small thing. Even without permission, they started wars, causing many deaths and sadness.

The Scythops then came up with a solution, to create a distraction until they get everything back in place.

They created a creature, one that can make everyone happy, joyful. The created, the "Temmie".

The Temmie was an oddball creature, being both a dog and a cat. But in terms of monsters, things can be pretty much anything.

When the Temmie was created, everyone forgot about their problems. Shortly after that, the Scythops created more.

Chapter 2 : The Discovery.

The Temmies were amazing so much that they VIBRATED. day...something that no one could believe happen. A terrible thunderstorm came over the land, flooding everything.

What was in the water, you ask? A sea monster. Obviously, what else is in water?

The humans and monsters were panicking, they had no idea what to do. The Scythops couldn't control the weather.

But then...a Temmie stepped up.

Willing to sacrifice their lives to save everyone, the Temmie confronted the beast.

Chapter 3 : The Blessing.

The Temmie soon got into a fighting stance. A warm glow begun on Temmie. Soon....Temmie was all white.

A light pillar dropped onto Temmie, transforming Temmie into....


The Temmie roared at the beast, it shot lazers out of its hydro cannons on its back. The sea began to sink. The Temmie grabbed a sword and slice the beast in half.

Soon, everything turned white.

A few seconds later, everyone woke up in their homes, peacefully, as if nothing ever happened.

It seems that..they were transported to an alternate universe.

The Scythops were gone.

There were only 2 races.

Chapter 4 : The Ending.

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Humans, and Monsters. One day, war broke out..




and DAT was END for tem HISTORYY!

thank for reedin

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