• ThatPersonDownYourStreet

    hOII TEMz

    welc0m to


    were TEM discoverz HISTOri of TEM!

    Chapter 1 : The Beginning.

    Long, long, LONG ago there lived 3 races, Humans, Monsters, and Scythops.

    The Scythops were the Gods of both races, allowing war between, peace time periods, etc.

    But one day, the Scythops were worrying. The humans and monsters were fighting over every small thing. Even without permission, they started wars, causing many deaths and sadness.

    The Scythops then came up with a solution, to create a distraction until they get everything back in place.

    They created a creature, one that can make everyone happy, joyful. The created, the "Temmie".

    The Temmie was an oddball creature, being both a dog and a cat. But in terms of monsters, things can be pretty much a…

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