The earth was my mother, and this tomb was her womb. I spent most of my days here, deep underground, although just like a human infant in the womb, not much was remembered. Many, many millennia passed before I was found. A miner from a small village discovered me, and took me from my underground womb. I was taken to the village and was at first locked away, for they feared me. I, of course, meant them no harm. Eventually I gained their trust and was used as a laborer. I worked hard for the village, and the villagers became pleased with my work. Eventually, the one who found me adopted me as his son. Many years passed. People died, and new people came to take their place. I, however, never perished, for I did not age. As time went on, I defended the village from threats, worked in the fields, and built new structures for them to live in. How long this lasted, I do not know. But it didn't last forever. On one dreadful night… ...she came. She burned the village to the ground and slaughtered my innocent, defenceless friends before my eyes. I fought valiantly, but she was stronger than me, for she had magic on her side. Here I lay, amongst the ashes, bones, and ruins of my once prosperous village. I know not what lies ahead of me, but one thing is certain…

I will slay the vile creature that took everything I know away from me.

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