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  • I live in Yes
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is Playing the worlds best hat simulator and ripping off Jerma
  • I am Male (Please don't hurt me)
  • Stoneman400

    July First

    July 1, 2017 by Stoneman400

    July First

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  • Stoneman400

    Hey, person reading my blog on this particular wiki for some reason, it is May First!

    This is gonna be a big month for me. First off: it is May First. FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

    Second: My birthday is this month, so that is cool.

    Third: Exams are this month... woohoo.

    Fourth: May the 4th is Star Wars day, so coolio for that. May the fourth be with you all.

    Fifth: May Day I guess. Does anyone celebrate that anymore?

    Sixth: May 2nd will mean that it has been exactly one year since Spark and I met. I have been looking back at our first moments together recently and have been getting some serious nostalgia. Love ya Sparkie!

    That is all, I think. Have a great month everyone!

    Oh... and it is RAGE DAY!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Stoneman400

    Important news.

    April 1, 2017 by Stoneman400


    Everyone who is reading this with a DA account, I want you to read this carefully, and follow the instructions word for word:

    DeviantArt's site metrics report a steady rise in pear art over the last 10 years that recently hit capacity, taking over their algarithms and resulting in an artistic barrage of their most popular subject to date: lots and lots of vaguely ominous grinning pears. 

    Due to this information, it is KEY for everyone who has a DA account to post a drawing of a slightly creepy grinning pear. 


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  • Stoneman400


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  • Stoneman400

    Origin of my OC Stoneman

    September 5, 2016 by Stoneman400

    The earth was my mother, and this tomb was her womb. I spent most of my days here, deep underground, although just like a human infant in the womb, not much was remembered. Many, many millennia passed before I was found. A miner from a small village discovered me, and took me from my underground womb. I was taken to the village and was at first locked away, for they feared me. I, of course, meant them no harm. Eventually I gained their trust and was used as a laborer. I worked hard for the village, and the villagers became pleased with my work. Eventually, the one who found me adopted me as his son. Many years passed. People died, and new people came to take their place. I, however, never perished, for I did not age. As time went on, I def…

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