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  • Spaghettitiger

    A couple days ago, I was doing testing right

    And within 5 minutes of walking in I look up and see a kid a few desks away holding a knife

    Not like a kitchen knife, a little black switchblade

    So internally I'm obviously freaking out.

    I look over again a couple minutes later and see him stabbing his friend's water bottle and complaining about how long it took him to sharpen it.

    My thought process at this point is

    "Oh god what do I do should I tell the teacher what if he hears me and gets angry what do I do what do I do"

    Then the test starts and I'm just

    On edge

    Because I'm a cautious person just generally

    I look both ways before crossing the street

    I constantly monitor the heat when I'm cooking

    I yell at my brother for running with scissors (and then he …

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  • Spaghettitiger


    October 5, 2017 by Spaghettitiger




    so my teachers

    most of them are pretty cool!


    there are some (geography, art, biology)

    that i don't like.

    i'm going to talk about them today,  in order.


    first period of the day! it sets the mood for the rest of the day, and if you have a good time, that's great! But my biology teacher closely resembles a primate with a rough face and donkey-like teeth.

    wait, that's an insult to apes AND donkeys

    she's gone often, and when she is in class, she just gives us a worksheet and sits at her desk with no extra information.

    "just do the worksheet and get a grade."

    but i don't know what you're trying to teach here..

    sometimes we do labs, and those are pretty cool.


    Meet Mrs Noideawhatshesdoing. I'm not as good as yeti wth thes…

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  • Spaghettitiger


    September 27, 2017 by Spaghettitiger

    guess it's time to do another blog about school.



    the teachers are less nice, but my Algebra teacher's still cool.

    There have been several fights already, and people are still jerks who only care about themselves.

    There are some nice people though.

    i'm already being smothered by work and grades, but they're getting better.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all i have

    ask me about the fights though


    there was one at lunch and it was crazy sauce


    because of the fight, the school's security has tripled.

    they're having the teachers stand in the hallways during passing so there aren't any more fights

    and i have yet to see what actually happened.

    UPDATE 2:

    The police are outside, and the second guy in the fight is going to the hospital becau…

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    September 12, 2017 by Spaghettitiger

    I haven't done a blog in a while soooooo


    • pops confetti*

    alright, so first impressions.

    everyone's a dick, and i'm the only reasonably sane one.

    the hallways are overcrowded, and if you're not careful, you WILL drown.

    The teachers are nice~

    your classmates are pretentious bags of dicks who openly talk about sex during class (yes, this happened multiple times)

    There is a LOT of rap music blasting out of people's backpacks.

    The back stairways, side hallways, and bathrooms is where couples do stuff (because there's no cameras there)

    people don't mind if you're an introverted lil nerd. (i menioned that i wanted more friends in one of my classes and a bunch of people approached me afterwards and introduce…

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  • Spaghettitiger


    February 24, 2017 by Spaghettitiger

    i'm starting a comic series called Aquarius!

    Whoever says what it's about (or gets the closest) will get their OC featured as a recurring character!

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