• ~Yōsai, Japan, 2013~

    The streets bustle with activity in the early morning as people head to either work or school. The date itself is september 1st, the first day of school at Toshoukan high school. There is an infamous rumor around the city about a killer known as "The fool", no pictures exist of him, and there are so many odd, supernatural details to him that people wonder if he's just a urban legend... He probably is. Either way, some of the students are already talking about a mysterious webpage that a student found regarding summoning the fool. But during the previous, short summer he went missing. This is where the story begins.




    personality (Put some detail in to this, this is pretty damn important in connection to a character's persona.) :

    Persona sub form:



    specific powers (like if it has lightning powers, ice powers, etc.): 

    connection to personality:

    starting weapon (you dont get it right away, though.):

    Personal flaw (Something in either the characters background or personality that conflicts them. Can be hidden for later, though.):

    Arcana (look here  for info. The first 20 Arcanas on the list are available.):

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    • name: Alexander Gyley

      appearance: A somewhat short caucasian male with light skin, He is clearly not that strong, with thin limbs, almost as if he's starved. When not at school he wears either a red or black thick hooded parka with jeans and boots. But wears the dark blue uniform required for the school during school hours. Along with the black pants and shoes.

      personality : Timid, shy. As well as a bit bitter most of the time. When he gets home he's a lot more calm and even upbeat. But this is a side a lot of the students wont see. He's also very good at doing most of the work himself. Even for an exchange student. Another tidbit is his odd preference for birds, although this is unrelated, it might be a good way to get past the glacier worth of ice he puts between him and people in conversations.

      Persona sub form:

      Name: Samael

      appearance: As he usually appears in the series, as a dark red/purple scaled snake with several purple eyes and three sets of wings.

      specific powers: Heavy death powers, including "Mamudo", debuff powers like "Masukunda", as well as several dark type attacks.

      connection to personality: The reason why he's so bitter is because of Samael, the two havent met yet, as is common with unawakened persona users. If they were to encounter each other, it could have a huge effect on Alexander knowing something is controlling his personality, possibly driving him to insanity if the worst happens.

      starting weapon: Handgun.

      Personal flaw: Deep down he finds he appreciates Samaels powers, but because of Samael, as stated above, he damn well hates everyone right off the bat in a seemingly paranoid way. Not even giving them a chance for first impressions. Another personal flaw is his stony indifference towards death, even of loved ones (much to his own painful dismay. He feels like he fails his friends and family when he doesnt mourn. But he just cant.)

      Arcana: The death arcana.

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    • (uuhh)

      (help ;w;)

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    • (Personally? You seem like you could make more of a lovers arcana character, or someone who wishes to be more helpful, but also shy?)

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    • [Hi, I'm here~!]

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    • (Heya! Go ahead and make a character, if you have any questions. Just ask.)

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    • name: Autumn Underoad

      appearance: around 5'5" with short red hair and green eyes, she wears a loose white tank top with gold lettering on it in an unknown language, with a tighter black muscle shirt under that, along with jeans and red sneakers. Other than that, she wears a school uniform when in school.

      personality: very kind and helpful, also very friendly. She's a gamer, so she can be rather quiet at times. She's also an amazing artist with a tendency to draw nature scenes rather than people or clothes or whatever. Autumn can be very shy, and maybe a little very manipulative. She's gorgeous and charming, and she tends to use these to her advantage.

      Name: Chille

      appearance: idk, ewan help

      specific powers: charm/mental effects, also healing support and wind attacks.

      connection to personality: Autumn is so charming because of Chille, but the two have yet to encounter each other.

      starting weapon: sword and shield pls

      Personal flaw: ;3

      Arcana: lovers arcana?

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    • (hmm, i'll help with that appearance. A good, creative idea for a custom lovers arcana persona design would be to have it resemble a "lovers embrace" between two seperate figures, but I do remember in some of the later games all of the lovers arcana personas are mostly charming looking female (in some rare occasions male) characters, such as Parvati . 

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    • (mmhm)

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    • (So yeah, as for powers, you have it right on the charm/mental effects, some other good ones would be healing support, and maybe wind attacks.)

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    • (mmk)

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    • (Hopefully that helps, anything else? Sorry if i'm already not doing so well right off the bat...)

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    • (nono, you're fine.)

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    • (ah)

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    • A FANDOM user
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