• The region will be based off of Greece and there is a way to get every Pokemon (legendaries aside) in the actual games, so the possibilities for team combos are endless.

    These will also have all new Pokémon and locations, but of course, I am not a machine and can't pump out ideas, so please post on my wall if you want to help with making some Pokemon!


    After multiple students flying to Sinnoh to film a documentary crashed due to a Magnemite disrupting the helicopter, a new reigon and all new Pokémon have been discovered.

    People flood the new reigon, now dubbed "Wasrei" by scientists, but a few people just starting out their journey as Pokémon trainers will soon become the saving grace of the reigon after it falls under immense darkness...

    You can also sign up here, so here's the form!

    OC Form:






    But before you fill that out, here's some rules to give you some guidelines!


    1. While every Pokemon can be found there, every time there is a new area, I will give some "guidelines" of what type of Pokémon are there, so please don't step out of these boundaries.

    2. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Your character will lose sometimes and that is OK. Your character will not have legendaries unless it is a story encounter and I give one of you permission to catch. And your Pokemon can not dodge every single attack.

    3. This RP may or may not have limited entry, I am not sure yet. Just don't get salty if I don't let you in.

    4. This RP will be in paragraph form, so please do not join if you intend on RPing in script form.

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    • Name: Zachary/Zach

      Age: 16 (yes, they're like 10/11 in the game but i don't feel comfortable with 11 year olds running around fighting ppl who want to destroy the world_

      Gender: Male

      Appearance: With slicked back brown hair and confident yellow eyes, he seems to always have a perpetual smirk on his face. He normally wears a black hoodie with a Murkrow on it and ripped jeans. 

      Personality: Confident, sarcastic, and an overall jerk, unlike most other stereotypical "mean rival"s in the Pokémon world, he lets his Pokémon do their own thing in battle because he's confident that their abilities are better than anyone else. Although he does prefer Ghost, Dark, and Poison Pokémon, he tries to keep a balanced team with strange movesets to catch opponets off guard.

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    • (heyo)

      Name: Rexie



      Appearance:Light skin, short brown hair and brown eyes. About 5.5, wears a pink short, long pants, and black boots.

      Personality:A  bit timid and shy, but enjoys the company of pokemon.

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    • (COME ON YETI)

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    • (wanna just do it with the two of us?)

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    • (idk. ill wait till tommorrow bc spag says she was gonna join)

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    • (Yeah.)

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    • (alright we're starting!

      so rn rexie's on a plane travelling to the new region when she gets a call on her phone bc in the future calls dont disrupt a plane.)

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      • Alex was laying back in a plane seat, trying to get some sleep. He wasnt sure exactly where they were flying over, and he was just hoping to get to the destination without some damn flying pokemon attacking.*
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    • Suddenly his phone rings.

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      • He pulls out his phone, sighing...* "Hello?" *He sounded annoyed.*
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    • It was a FaceTime call, and an old man in a lab coat recoils in shock. "No need to be rude..."

      He clears his throat.

      "Hello, young sir! Today is your first day as a Pokémon Trainer. You will be getting your first starter here in Archaya Town where you will be moving! My name is Professor Dawson Pine. But people just call me the Pokémon Professor."

      He squints at the screen. "I'm sorry, I seem to have misplaced my glasses, could you tell me your gender and name?"

      (Ik the "are you a boy or girl" thing is silly and i want this rp to be serious but i couldnt not include it)

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    • "I'm a guy... The names Alex. Sir."

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    • "Ah... well, alright, I predict your plane should be landing in a few minutes. I'll see you at my Lab!" He hangs up.

      Suddenly, the plane begins to land. The doors open once it fully lands.

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    • [Hello~.]

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    • (Hi! Unfortunately you can't enter right now, because i feel like it would be awkward having two people challenge the gyms back to back which makes me have to do a fight two times, but I'll probably make another RP later down the road that you can join.)

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    • (She cant join right now? We just started.)

      • Alex climbs out, stetching as he heads off to the lab.*
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    • (yeah because the main focus of the game is going in blindly to these battles and if there are two people, one could sit back and observe the opponet's strategy, whill the other one fights it, the completely wreck the opposing trainer. plus it's boring to type out the same battle twice.)

      It's a pristine white building with round green windows. The windows are tinted so you can't see inside, however.

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      • Alex walks inside.* "Hello? Doc?" *He heads in, seeing the containers for pokeballs.* "Huh, looks like he already has them out and ready for me."
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    • The place is a complete mess and it is very dark. There are multiple sections of the big building, all different, obviously simulated, "climates" (forest, icy mountain, sea, volcano) except the Pokemon usually found in each habitat are all mixed up.

      There are Growlithes bathing in the sun on a rock by the sea, Vanilites laying in the "sweltering" volcano, etc.

      "Ah, yes, do come in! Watch out for the sleeping Urasring, though, they are very territorial and one managed to escape from the volcano habitat!"

      There's a big Ursaring in Alex's path. However, instead of a normal Ursaring, it is a reddish color, and its arms are blazing.

      The usual ring on its belly is replaced with a more sun-like emblem.

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      • He whispers to the doc.* "I Think you screwed up on the pokemon placement, doc... Also, whats up with the Ursaring's stomach? Isnt there supposed to be a ring or somethnig?"
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    • "Oh, I'm glad you asked! I didn't mess up at all!"

      The lights flicker on and the Ursaring yawns, getting up.

      "Back to the habitat with you!" The proffessor says, stepping into view and escorting the Ursaring back to the volcano. He steps back out to meet with Alex.

      "As you already know, I am a Pokémon Professor, and all professors must study something. My course of study is a Pokémon's enviroments and how it affects the Pokémon's appearance, type, and even abilities! As you can see, my experiment was a success! Normally, I would give you a Pokémon by now, but another boy is supposed to be here."

      He checks his watch.

      "Oh, you're early, that's why he's not here! I am getting old... Anyways, feel free to ask any questions about my research.

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    • "Sure, was the sun on that Ursaring's chest because of the habitat you kept it in?"

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    • "Sort of! Those types of Ursaring are in the wild now, and many religious folks think the sun mark is because after spending time at the volcano, the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo appeared and made them become its guardians. But everyone knows Solgaleo isn't real!"

      "The real reason why is that a Magmar and an Ursaring got into a kerfuffle shortly after I located the Ursaring to the volcano and ripped off some fur. The skin got badly burned and its offspring, that Ursaring you just saw had the same mark. It can also grow rocks out of its back when thre-"

      Pine is cut off when the door slams open.

      A boy walks in. "I'm here for my Pokémon."

      He looks Alex up and down. "Who are you?" He says with a hint of disgust in his tone.

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    • "I'd say the same to you... you should probably listen to this guy. He has some nice info about his projects."

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    • He sneers. "I don't really care." He turns towards Pine.

      "Just show us the starters, old man!"

      Pine sighs. "That is what you're here for, is it not? Well..."

      He grabs three Pokéballs and throws them out, three Pokémon popping out.

      The first is a small green lion. Its fur appears to be grass, with Celtic-looking dark green markings on it. It also appears to have lavender growing out of its ears.

      "Mrowr!" It purrs out.

      The second is a red bear cub. It has a brown patch on its stomach.


      The last is a small blue beluga whale floating in the air. It has a blue orb on its forehead.


      The boy turns towards Alex. "I'll let you pick first, kid."

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      • Alex sighed, he knew what this bastard was planning with that, but odds are arguing wasnt going to stop his plan. He took the red bear cub.*
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    • Just as Alex expected, the bou took the whale. "Ah, Bluega and Tindursa! Very good choices!"

      The boy sneers. "Wanna battle, kid?"

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    • "We just got these damn things, dont you even wanna know what else they do? Plus, I know what you have planned."

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    • "You seriously don't know how to battle these things? You're dumber than you look!"

      "And this is where I come in!" Pine gives both boys some sort of electronic device that looks like a tablet.

      "This is a Pokédex! Once you capture a Pokémon, their information will be filled out in a flash! If you scan a Pokémon with this you can slo see what their moves are!"

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    • "Ah, this will be helpful. Anything else we might need?"

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    • "Yep!" He hands both 5 Pokéballs each.

      "These will help you catch Pokémon, enough for a full party!"

      The boy checks his Pokémon's moves. "Let's battle."

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    • "Nope, i'd rather fight one of those "Teams" than listen to your squeaky voice."

      (Wait, does Alex HAVE TO though? I remember you couldnt really humorously say "actually no, fuck off" when getting challenged in those games, especially since Alex knows this first battle is rigged to oblivion on weakness standards.)

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    • (yes, but to be fair the starters only start with normal type moves when u first get them.)

      "Was that supposed to be an insult? It was a pretty bad one." He sneers.

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    • "Ugh, fine, we have normal moves first it seems, so lets do this."

      • He sounded more annoyed than anything, he had more important things to do than fight this failed abortion, like gyms. But he sent his bear out anyways.*
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    • "Bluega, go!"


      It tackles Tindursa without warning.

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      • It slams its fist into Bluega.*
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    • A FANDOM user
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