This page is dedicated to all the fun characters we have here on the wikia, sorted by owner.

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Tyler Dragonheart - Yeti's self insert, was introduced via Yeti's migration from RiF to here. Likes making weapons and useful gadgets, exploring forgotten worlds and fallen civilizations, Being a bit of a smartass, and indulging in the weirder parts of society from time to time. He's played Sburb and has reached God Tier. Classpect: Knight of Rage. He may or may not be in a Distant Kismesissitude (see: Quadrants) with someone.

Vanessa - Half Kitsune Thief Waifu. Steals stuff but isn't a total douche about it. Quiet, intelligent, stealthy, and enjoys mint chocolate chip ice cream. She carries a dagger with a cobalt blue blade with golden handguard and leather-wrapped handle. She also has an enchanted leather sack that holds everything she owns, including but not limited to:

  • Literal Glitter Bombs (bombs that burst into a thick cloud of pink smoke and glitter)
  • A bunch of Food (doesn't rot since the time within the bag is constantly paused)
  • Enchanted Goggles (enables the wearer to see better in dark places, heat signatures, and identify threats and loot
  • And probably countless ancient artifacts.

and probably some other people that i'm too lazy to add at the moment


Spaghettitiger (or Spag, or Spaggie) - Spag's self-insert, has existed since the beginning of time and space. She's an orange tiger with bright green eyes, and is usually wearing some sort of jacket and pants. Her true name is unknown, so she just goes by Spag or Spaggie. She loves petting, roleplaying, and will go absolutely insane if you give her catnip. She has lots of powers, including shapeshifting, dimensional warping, the ability to hide anything in her fur, and complete control over the chat house.