She stood in the cold rain, her hair wet, watching the people pass, remembering... She remembered him, remembered when he was more;when he was something she could love. She remembered the sun on their faces, when they loved each other, and thought of how they could have been, the family they could have had... They could have had everything... And as her eyes closed on the cruel world, the rain turned warm and thick from her eyes. The world cried for her, for her and for the broken hearts of the ones who were gone...

Not a day that went by without him thinking about her; her beautiful face, charming laugh, and radiant smile. He longed to see her again -just once - but he couldn't, he had changed. But she had changed as well; the sparkling light in her eyes had begun to dim more and more every day, her smile not as bright. But he still loved her, he will always love her. Gazing out the window at the falling rain, his heart ached and eyes stung with tears at the memories of the love he will never have again.

Looking up at the rain they both knew their hearts were the only call. They knew no matter what, their love would bring them together again, even if it wasn't like they wished. On that day soaked in rain they both set out to find themselves and each other. Him to the ends of the world, her to tell fortunes, moving with the stars until they would meet again. Fate threw them together, their love grew and then fate, being cruel as it is, cast them apart once more.

So remember this. Just like a star can grant a wish, she can also cast a curse, like her ever changing emotion, the two will drift. So when the rain falls maybe you will pause to listen. Listen to enjoy the spray and perhaps you will hear a song. Just a whisper, nothing more, but it will carry through the nights and storms. The song of the stars and her lover and their hearts who still yearn to play as one.