This is a page to list your good deeds and inspire others to do good deeds too! It can be something as small as returning someone's items, to something as big as raising money for a good cause!

Have fun!

Good Deeds

I volunteered at an animal shelter and donated a bunch of food! (Spag, 3/15/18)

Cleaned up the pond near my house last week, I was tired of all the garbage down there. (Ewan, (this was in 3/8/18))

i helped to create 840 backpacks(basically bags with food in them) which will feed 840 children for a weekend (spooky, 3/15/18)

I sang for two hours at Hobby Lobby and raised 59 dollars for the Salvation Army Red Kettle event! (Fairy, December 2017)

I travelled to Thailand with a volunteer group for my winter holiday. I cooked food for the starving, built a home for the homeless, and helped with constructing a garden for an old couple that needed it. (Psycho, December 2017)

I helped a friend find her lost items after a bunch of jerks stole and hid them around the school. (Spag, October 2017)

I gave a friend some drawing tips! (Spag, 5/3/18)