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A list of elements for a possible upcoming roleplay, once i got all the elements and what they do setup, ill post their tribe info here.

Sand-Earth-Wood Alliance: The Sand-Earth-Wood alliance, is the most natural of the elements. They reside in the south and are mostly peaceful but dangerous when angered, as they are very powerful in numbers and are one of the stronger alliances existing.

Wind-Lightning-Dragon: The closest thing to a land and sky-inhabiting faction, they live on mountaintops where it is surprisingly tranquil, and they command the weather. The Dragons live very close to the Psychic-Gravity-Space-Time, and are very wise and have a very large ability chart, the Lightnings and Winds live in the Temple of Weather and other temples scattered across mountains, controlling mainly weather and helping allies to the Psychic-Gravity-Space-Time.

Psychic-Gravity-Space-Time: The ones closest to the Chaos-Shadow-Void alliance, they ensure that Chaos-Shadow-Void cannot make it past them in large numbers, as if they could, they could very well decimate everything. The Psychics are on the outside and ensure nobody can go venturing in without permission, whilist the Gravity ensure that the Chaos-Shadow-Void have a very hard time leaving the void portal without any gravity, the Space keeps them in an isolated space from our world, and Time ensures none of them can get past aside from one or two.

Song-Water-Ice: A much more peaceful alliance and one of the only alliances with a still-standing kingdom for all to go to. The Waters spend much time on tranquil lakes and have the ability to water-walk, whilist the Ices live closer to the Winds, and the Songs have a kingdom for all to go to - Vanquil, and is very bright and have many festivals and is one of the reasons why the factions have not destroyed eachother yet, making the Songs very important.

Fire-Phoenix-Solar: They live in the west volcanic reaches and very close to the Psychic-Gravity-Space-Time alliance, assisting them if a Chaos or Shadow gets loose, they are a very valiant and honorable alliance, not choosing to destroy everything like many would believe, and only fight with honor in battle, unless their opponent does not.

Silence-Diamond-Key: A more underground-inhabiting alliance, as they live down in several mines, where it is quiet and vaults are many. The Silence are under the Songs base, whilist Diamond generally inhabits most of the world, having several bases, and Key lives very close to the void portal.

Chaos-Shadow-Void: They originate from a strange black-hole like void in the place of where the Heart-Gem-Aurora's kingdom was, there are many theories on what they are. Some theorize that they are Heart-Gem-Aurora but corrupted in darkness by the Devils, as the Chaos ones in particular show many signs of insanity and possession, however another theory is just that Chaos is all of the possessed element users in the world.

Ghost-Lunar-Star: A very rare to see alliance, the Ghost-Lunar-Star is possibly the strongest faction, being sky-inhabiting like Rainbow-Sky-Luck, and having control over astral events, along with having very unique powers of their own, making them one of the strongest to be.

Heart-Gem-Aurora: An alliance lost forgotten to legend, the Heart-Gem-Aurora alliance brought peace to the world, but one day, the land they inhabitated dissapeared, the middle of the land of the Elements just gone, like that. In its place, Chaos-Shadow-Void was born.

Rainbow-Sky-Luck: A sky inhabiting alliance that does not bother with the fighting down below, and had departed ever since Heart-Gem-Aurora had gone missing, they, when combined can dictate which side will win what with their abilities, but only when together.

A map of what this is supposed to look like. Figure it out.

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