These are the rules for chat! Follow them, please! Breaking these rules could result in a kick or ban!

  1. Be polite! 
  2. Don't take things too seriously.
  3. Don't try to cause mayhem at every possible moment.
  4. Don't overthink or ask for complex explainations on things discussed in chat.
  5. If a TA is going on, please respect said TA and talk using parentheses if you're not participating.
  6. Respect the admins. Insulting other people/admins is just annoying, but tolerable. But when you start to rant and yell and curse and swear and all the other stuff that starts a flame war, expect a kick. And if you continue, a ban.
  7. Do not talk about/do anything sexual and/or extremely explicit or inappropriate in Main Chat. Save it for PM.
  8. If you are banned for doing something wrong in chat, and you have the power to unban yourself, do not do it. That's how you make people even more mad.
  9. Do NOT come back under a different username if you are banned. It's extremely rude, and deceit will result in both accounts, and possibly your IP, being banned for even longer.
  10. These rules apply to everyone. Even if you're favored, you can't get away with it. If you are deemed to have broken a rule, said infraction will go before the Admins and will be consulted upon. Unless you actually did something that regardless of input from others, deserves a kick.
  11. SPAM IS NOT ALLOWED! This includes using all caps for an extended period of time, pasting links over and over, saying one thing repeatedly, or trying to start an argument that you know will end badly. Breaking this rule, even if you're favored, will result in a kick or ban.
  12. STOP means STOP. If a user asks you to stop doing or saying something, stop. If you tell someone to stop and they don't, please contact an Admin.